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International webinar on ‘Testing of Leather & Footwear’ by SATRA, UK held at FDDI, Hyderabad campus

An international webinar on ‘Testing of Leather & Footwear’ was held at Footwear Design & Development Institute (FDDI), Hyderabad campus on 04th November, 2020.

The webinar which was organized by the School of Footwear Design & Production (SFDP) of FDDI, Hyderabad was conducted by the Technical Experts of Shoe and Allied Trades Research Association (SATRA), Technology Centre, London, United Kingdom.

SATRA is an independent research and testing organization established in the UK in 1919. It has technical facilities in Europe and China serving customers throughout the world. It is also a Notified Body for various European directives including personal protection equipment (PPE), which is one of SATRA’s largest sector operations.

SATRA has its own chemicals analysis laboratory for testing restricted substances in accordance with European REACH, and US chemicals regulations for which it is CPSC-accredited. A number of SATRA systems are recognized in the supply chain as setting industry standards for quality and production efficiency.

The session was conducted by Mr. Mark Southam, Footwear Consultant and Ms. Christine Anscombe, Assistant Director SATRA Technology Centre, Northamptonshire, United Kingdom.

Mr. Mark Southam began the session with introduction to testing & its requirement and importance of testing, controlling testing, reporting testing and critical footwear tests.


He further explained the key test factors for the actual test, such as style, price point, previous experience, acceptable risk and explained about the special considerations for children’s footwear and a few key test types, for an example, slip resistance, sole bond attachment (Peel strength & toe load test), High heeled footwear, strap strength, fitting and chemical test etc.

There was an interactive session during which Mr. Mark Southam discussed the various kinds of machine used by SATRA to test the finished footwear, claims against the organization in the event that they face - item, issues, testing for segments with 3DP innovation, etc.

During the webinar, Ms. Christine Anscombe, Assistant Director gave a demonstration about leather hide detailing, texture and various testing center for footwear, etc.

The webinar was attended by more than 150 participants which included faculties & students from various FDDI campus.

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