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Workshop on ‘Gender Sensitization/POSH’ held at FDDI, NOIDA

An interactive workshop on ‘Gender Sensitization/POSH’ was organized by HR-HQ, NOIDA at the Seminar Hall of Footwear Design & Development Institute (FDDI), NOIDA campus on 08th September 2020.

The workshop was organized to sensitize the employees about the ‘Behavioural Code of Conduct at Workplace’ and to helping them in striking the basic chord of ‘Respect for each other’ within the organization.

The session was conducted by Ms. Aparna Sethi (Founder & CEO of Protouch) – who is having over two decades of diverse experience.

A Doctorate in Management, Dr. Sethi has contributed to Competency-based HR as her area of research. With MPhil in Management, MBA in Marketing and Human Resource Management from Pune University, she has worked with manufacturing, service and education sector.


Delivering the ‘Welcome Address’, Mr. Anil Kumar, Advisor – HR, FDDI said “To foster a safe and respectful working environment for women, the awareness of Prevention of Sexual Harassment (POSH) Act 2013 is vital. This Act was enacted by the Ministry of Women & Child Development of India in 2013 which is an extension of the Vishakha Guidelines issued by the Supreme Court in 1997.”


Ms. Aparna Sethi said that workplace sexual harassment is a form of gender discrimination which violates a women’s fundamental right to equality. She said that as women are entering the work force in increasing numbers their rights have to be respected and protected.

She also stressed on the need of this law in contemporary times, responsibility of employer, employees to create a healthy environment at workplace to achieve gender sensitization.

To comply with the social distancing norms, the employees were divided into two batches and wore face masks during the workshop. It was conducted in two batches, morning (Pre-lunch) batch and evening (Post-lunch) batch.


The workshop provided sufficient guidelines as to prevention of sexual harassment & means for its redressal.

The session was attended by around sixty employee of the Institute who participated with full zeal. There was an interactive session after the workshop where the participants posed queries and the replies were given by Ms. Aparna Sethi.

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