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Webinar on ‘Different types of Athletics & Sports - Specific Footwear’ held at FDDI, Hyderabad campus

A webinar on ‘Different types of Athletics & Sports - Specific Footwear’ was held at Footwear Design & Development Institute (FDDI), Hyderabad campus on October 22, 2020.

Organized by the School of Footwear Design & Production (SFDP) of FDDI, Hyderabad, the webinar provided insight on product design, quality, product performance, brand image, promotion and marketing of different types of athletics & sports - specific footwear.

Mr. Anil Sahoo, Director, Mochiko Shoes Pvt. Ltd, Uttarakhand, India was the moderator and key speaker for the webinar.

Mr. Anil Sahoo is an alumuni of FDDI of 1994 batch. After his studies at FDDI in 1994, he worked as the Head of Sourcing Operations for India with 16 years of experience at Reebok / Adidas and then 7 years as an entrepreneur of one of the fastest growing sports footwear manufacturing units in India.


During the webinar, Mr. Sahoo said that different sports call for specific footwear for protection of feet, ankles and muscles. He also explained about the recent development in bottom materials, specifically, in the midsole and outsole.

There was an interactive session during which Mr. Sahoo briefed on “How gels innovation help individuals with foot distortions on sports footwear?", "Effects of 3DP in future athletics & sports specific footwear innovation", and "Application of Design in bottom with recent materials.”

The webinar was attended by more than 70 participants which included faculties & students from various FDDI campus.

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