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FDDI, India and Qualisys Systems, Sweden organizes webinar on ‘Gait Analysis Application for Footwear Designing’

Footwear Design & Development Institute (FDDI), India in association with Qualisys Systems, Sweden organized a webinar series on ‘Gait Analysis Application for Footwear Designing' from 13 to 15 October 2020.


The webinar was organized by the School of Footwear Design and Production of FDDI, NOIDA campus. It focused on introducing Biomechanics application for the ‘Footwear Designing’ through presentation and interactive session.

The webinar was moderated by Dr. Nils Betzler, Ph.D. from Qualisys lab, Sweden who is having more than ten years of experience with 3D Biomechanical data capture, processing and presentation.

On 13th October 2020, Mr. G. Satish Babu briefed about the Biomechanics application concepts, human walking different stages of motion, and clinical application of the biomechanics.


Mr. G. Satish Babu is Physical Therapist and Biomechanist Analyst with experience in data capturing and processing using instrumented 3D gait analysis and interpretation of the gait data for scientific, clinical and footwear design.

On 14th October 2020, Ms. Katarina Hjältman, member of Field Application and Support team at Qualisys along with Dr. Vincent Fohanno, expert on the skeleton solver focused on instrumentation aspects of Biomechanics.

The team deliberated implementation of the biomechanics and practical aspect of conducting Gait analysis in Gait Lab. The subject study and marker positioning, calibration and evaluation of the report were covered.


The workshop application of Biomechanics for sports footwear designing was covered on 15th October 2020 by Dr. Chris Bishop Ph.D., Sports and Orthopaedic Podiatrist, Director of Biomechanics, The Biomechanics Lab, Adelaide, South Australia.


The use of Gait data for the designing of the sports footwear was covered that indicated that the recreational running footwear is biggest segment of the market. The future of Biomechanics and sports footwear will be more linked to wearable technologies, marker less designs with technically advanced features addressing customized solutions based upon Biomechanics data of the customers. The case application of the Biomechanics for athletic footwear was covered with hind foot and mid foot.

This webinar series was conducted by experts from 3 countries namely Sweden, India and Australia which was attended by approx. 395 participants.

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