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Technical seminar on ' Bonding Solution & Adhesive’ held at FDDI, Rohtak campus

On 21st March 2023, a technical seminar on ‘Bonding Solutions & Adhesives' was held FDDI, Rohtak campus.

It was organized in cooperation with School of Footwear Design & Production (FDP) of FDDI, Rohtak campus during which Mr. Saikat Mitra, Manager Sales, Bostik India Pvt. Ltd., having an experience of 30 years was the resource person.

Through the presentation, Mr. Saikat Mitra briefed about the market value of adhesives, types of leather used to make shoes, the choice of proper adhesive, how to analyze adhesive materials, selection of appropriate surface treatments etc.

He also explained about the solvents, water based chemicals, advantages & Disadvantages of water based and solvent based, preparation of leather and synthetics.


The seminar which focused on the types of adhesive materials and bonding solutions used in footwear was attended by all student and faculty members from Footwear Design & Production and Fashion Design.