Grievance Cell


Grievance/Complaint’ - A “Grievance/Complaint” is defined as any communication that expresses dissatisfaction about an action or lack of action, about the standard of service/deficiency of service of an institute and the complainant asks for remedial action.

Grievance Redress - Grievance Redress Mechanism is part and parcel of the machinery of any administration. No administration can claim to be accountable, responsive and user-friendly unless it has established an efficient and effective grievance redress mechanism. In fact, the grievance redress mechanism of an organization is the gauge to measure its efficiency and effectiveness as it provides important feedback on the working of the administration.


FDDI Grievance Redress and Monitoring System (FGRAMS) is an online platform available to the FDDI Students and Staff 24x7 to lodge their grievances to FDDI on any subject related to FDDI service delivery. It is a single portal connected to all the Campuses of FDDI. Every Campus has role-based access to this system.

The status of the grievance filed in FGRAMS can be tracked with the unique registration ID provided at the time of registration of the complainant.

Issues which are not taken up for redress :

  • Subjudice cases or any matter concerning judgment given by any court.
  • Personal and family disputes.
  • RTI matters.