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FDDI has emerged as one of India’s leading centers for Fashion Design, a reputation based around its pedagogy and achievements of its graduates and the creative energy of its staff and students.

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The School of Fashion Design at FDDI offers students a matchless introduction to the fast-paced, creative, and energetic fashion industry. Fashion education under this program aims to nurture creativity while providing a rigorous grounding in practical and technical skills needed for career success. Our close ties with the industry let us immerse the students in what’s happening now in this fast-changing field exposing them to the real demands and practices of the fashion world preparing students for success at every level, from haute couture to ready-to-wear to mass market.

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FDDI School of Fashion Design has been evolving creative talents for the ever-growing Indian Fashion Industry. We manage the demand for innovation by cultivating new opportunities and partnerships and traversing the worlds of design, technology, and enterprise. Programmes are structured through a process of interaction and dialogue with the fashion Industry, focusing on professional profiles which are of interest for companies represented by the leading trade associations involved in the project.


1. Master of design (M. Des.) in Fashion Design

Discover the creativity of Design at the Footwear Design and Development Institute (FDDI) through our Master of Design – Fashion Design (M.Des. FD) program. FDDI, renowned for its innovation and excellence in design education, invites you to embark on a creative journey like no other. Our M.Des FD program is a testament to our commitment to nurturing design talent and pushing the boundaries of creativity. With a dynamic curriculum, state-of-the-art design studios, Centre of Excellence, and a team of accomplished faculty members deeply rooted in the design industry, We The School of Fashion Design offer a unique platform for students to explore their creative potential. Whether you aspire to redefine fashion or lifestyle, our M.Des. FD program equips you with the skills, knowledge, and industry insights needed to excel in the world of design.

Join us at FDDI – School of Fashion Design and let your aspirations take flight.

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Icon Duration

2 Years (4 Semesters)

Icon Eligibility

A Bachelor’s Degree in any discipline

Icon Number of Seats

Noida Campus – 30 Hyderabad Campus - 30

This rigorous specialist Fashion Design course helps to equip the next generation of creative Designers for a dynamic career in Fashion design and innovation.

The M. Des in Fashion Design program offered by the School of Fashion Design, FDDI, empowers students with a well-rounded skill set and a global outlook to thrive in the vibrant world of fashion design. Guided by a well-balanced curriculum, the program nurtures students' creative expression, research capabilities, and technical proficiencies. Covering essential aspects from fashion creation and textiles to digital design and sustainability, students adeptly blend cultural sensitivities with market dynamics. The program also immerses students in specialized domains such as knitwear, accessories, and branding, complemented by insights into fashion photography, merchandising, and entrepreneurial insights. This transformative journey culminates in the creation of an advanced portfolio or research, laying the foundation for graduates to flourish as inventive fashion designers, enterprising individuals, and leaders within the industry.

"FDDI's M.Des. program is built on a firm foundation of dedication to design research. We understand that there is more to design than aesthetics, so we place an emphasis on research-based innovation in our curriculum. Our students learn to develop ideas that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also highly functional and sensitive to real-world problems by conducting thorough research into user needs, market trends, and emerging technology.

FDDI's M.Des.FD program trains students to be "visionary designers who lead the way in shaping a better, more innovative future through the power of design research" by emphasizing an interdisciplinary approach, an emphasis on ethical and sustainable design, and practical experiences.

Over the course of two years divided into four semesters, the M. Des in Fashion Design program at the School of Fashion Design, FDDI, offers a well-rounded educational experience. The curriculum strikes a balance between nurturing creativity, honing research abilities, and refining technical skills. Students engage with diverse subjects like fashion creation, textiles, pattern making, and digital design, blending cultural awareness with market insights. The program delves into different areas including knitwear, accessories, and branding, while also providing valuable knowledge in fashion photography, merchandising, and entrepreneurship. Culminating with an advanced portfolio or research project, graduates are equipped with a holistic skill set, ready to succeed as imaginative fashion designers, enterprising professionals, and influential figures in the industry.

The two-year curriculum of the M. Des in Fashion Design program at the School of Fashion Design, FDDI, offers a comprehensive and well-structured journey through four semesters. In the initial year, Semester 1 introduces students to fundamental concepts like fashion creation, textile studies, fabric structures, and digital illustration. They also engage with practical skills in pattern making and garment construction. Semester 2 continues with an emphasis on fashion trends, research methodologies, and surface design, complemented by learning digital fashion design and experimental draping techniques. An industry internship during the summer provides real-world exposure. In the second year, Semester 3 delves into creative pattern making, fashion accessories, and photography, while also exploring fashion merchandising and branding. Electives offer specialization in sustainable design or project management. Semester 4 concludes the program with a focus on store design, intellectual property, and international fashion trends. Students culminate their studies by creating a portfolio or research thesis, fully prepared to thrive as versatile fashion designers, entrepreneurs, and experts in the industry.


The course provides you with an in-depth appreciation of the complexity of sustainable and ethical Fashion Designing in the contemporary global fashion industry. And is further supported by FDDI Centre of Excellence Centres.

With a problem-solving approach to Fashion Designing, the course will give you a relevant grounding for your future.

The course includes projects with industry clients, and regular industry speakers to ensure the curriculum remains relevant to current industry challenges.

A strong focus on creativity ensures you develop the skill sets to become a future creative leader in the global fashion industry.

The course will prepare you to successfully navigate the complex Fashion industry.

Graduates of the M. Des in Fashion Design program from the School of Fashion Design, FDDI, are well-equipped to embark on diverse and promising career paths within the dynamic world of fashion and related industries. With a comprehensive skill set and a global perspective, they have the potential to excel in various roles.

Upon completion of the program, graduates may pursue careers as:

  • Fashion Designers:

    Graduates can work as fashion designers, conceptualizing and creating innovative clothing lines that resonate with global trends while catering to specific cultural preferences. They can specialize in areas such as ready-to-wear, couture, or sustainable fashion.

  • Accessory Designers:

    Those interested in accessories can design and create a range of fashion accessories, including jewelry, bags, footwear, and other embellishments.

  • Textile Designers:

    With expertise in textiles and fabric structures, graduates can design and develop unique textiles, prints, and patterns for clothing and other applications.

  • Fashion Illustrators:

    Graduates can work as fashion illustrators, visually representing design concepts and ideas through artistic and digital mediums.

  • Sportswear Designers:

    Graduates may design and create specialized sport wear clothing and accessories, catering to the growing demand for unique sports & Fitness wear.

  • Digital Designers (Fashion):

    The program equips students with Digital skills in pattern making and Virtual garment construction, making them well-suited for roles involving translating designs into Digital garments.

  • Fashion Merchandisers and Buyers:

    Graduates with insights into fashion trends, forecasting, and merchandising can work as fashion merchandisers, responsible for curetting and presenting collections in retail settings.

  • Fashion Stylists:

    With knowledge of fashion photography and styling, graduates can collaborate with brands, magazines, and designers to capture and visually enhance fashion narratives.

  • Fashion Consultants and Educators:

    Graduates can offer their expertise as fashion consultants, advising individuals and companies on design strategies, market trends, and styling. They can also pursue careers in academia, becoming fashion educators and sharing their knowledge with the next generation of designers. Can also peruse Higher education in research PhD etc.

  • Fashion Industry Professionals:

    Graduates can work in roles related to fashion management, retail operations, supply chain, fashion events, and more, contributing to the efficient functioning of the industry.

  • Brand Managers and Communication Specialists:

    Those with a background in creative branding and communication can contribute to building and maintaining brand identities for fashion houses and retail establishments.

  • Entrepreneurs:

    Graduates can establish their own fashion labels, leveraging their design skills, industry knowledge, and innovative approaches to create unique and marketable fashion products.

As a professional fashion designer you can also work as:

  • Costume Designer in Film Industry
  • Technical Designer
  • Fashion Journalist
  • Visual Merchandiser
  • Fashion Entrepreneurs
  • Fashion Photographers
  • Fashion Consultant
  • Graphic Designer
  • Freelance Designer
  • Fashion Stylist
  • Personal Stylist
  • Fashion Coordinator
  • Fashion Merchandiser
  • Fashion Quality executive

2. Bachelor of design (b.Des.) in Fashion Design

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Icon Duration

4 Years (8 Semesters)

Icon Eligibility

10+2 / Intermediate (Candidates appearing in 10+2/ Intermediate may also apply.)

Icon Number of Seats

Noida Campus – 80 Fursatganj (Raebareli) Campus - 60 Chennai Campus - 60
Kolkata Campus – 60 Rohtak Campus - 60 Jodhpur Campus 60
Chhindwara Campus 60 Patna Campus - 60 Chandigarh Campus - 60
Hyderabad Campus - 80 Ankleshwar (Surat) Campus - 60

This programme is specifically initiated with the intent of making the students to have a global knowledge of various fashion sectors so they are able to blend them with local cultures. It further aims to make the students equipped to enter the world of fashion by developing their own creative universe while being adaptable to different styles, types of brand and market segments at the same time and get benefit from our large array of networks within the industry. The programme fosters to create design professionals who understand dynamics of global business environment and meet the ever growing demand of the Fashion Design sector.

It is a four years programme comprising of eight semesters focusing on inculcating a broad spectrum of design concepts and skills. Further, the design attitude of the students is developed through design thinking and creative problem solving process.

  • Design Foundation:

    This being the first introductory module of the curriculum the emphasis is on opening the horizons of the individuals in order to build designing and professional competency. The students are taught basic skills in conceptualization and idea generation to support their designs. The subjects broadly taught during the foundation year are Design Evolution, Observational Drawing,2D&3D CAD, Tinkering Studio Design Thinking, Photography &Videography, etc.

  • Specialization

    The Subsequent three years are devoted to promote the Technical expertise and Design excellence, introducing pupils to various Techno commercial aspects of the fashion industry and developing skills in the technical areas of garment manufacturing like Pattern Making, Garment Construction, Surface Embellishment, Dyeing & Printing, Textile studies ,Fashion Styling & Merchandising, Software Training in Computer Aided Design (Adobe Illustrator, CLO-3D etc.).

    With our close associations to the industry the curriculum is designed to nurture creativity while providing a rigorous grounding in the practical and technical skills needed for career success, exposing the pupils to the real demands and practices of the fashion domain.

    The students get intensive training & education pertaining to design thinking & innovation, Aesthetics in Design and Fashion, Creative Pattern Making, styling, and organizing fashion shows. The students get ample opportunities to interact with buyers as well backstage with eminent designers learning the entire look and feel required for professional models for the ramp shows. One of the prime aspects of the curriculum is craft documentation where in the students travel to different part of the country and stay there with the craftsmen, to understand and learn our native crafts and accordingly develop innovative products to promote the Indian Craft. They also visit Production houses, Museums ,Trade shows , printing and textile mills, and designer studios to enhance classroom studies.

    We nurture the next generation of Fashion Entrepreneurs , Fashion Designers, Fashion Stylists, Make-up Artists, Fashion Photographers, Fashion Journalists and Fashion Event Managers. We give them the skills they need and provide them with unique insights into the workings of this ever-changing industry.

    The School Of Fashion Design has a State of Art Center of Excellence in Design, Development & Fabric Interface with Fashion Design which undertakes Industry Collaborative Research projects, students are encouraged to involve themselves in the same.

The onset of the International fashion market in India has given an impetus to the fashion industry which has emerged as the booming industry and a career as a fashion designer is like a pot of gold. It is estimated that plentiful employment opportunities will be created in the field of fashion technology in recent future, because of this wide reach of fashion industry. This makes fashion industry the dream destination of many young women and men who aspire for glamorous and creative self-sustaining jobs.

Fashion designing is one of the most lucrative, appealing, glamorous and exciting career options in today's world. If you have a penchant for creativity, style and originality, a career in fashion designing is the one tailor made for you.


  • Sushmita Singh - Fabindia Overseas Pvt. Ltd

    Sushmita Singh

    Buyer (Fashion)

    Fabindia Overseas Pvt Ltd

  • Somya Chauhan - Marks & Spencers

    Somya Chauhan

    Visual Merchandiser

    Marks & Spencer

  • Shubham Pandey - Anamika Khanna

    Shubham Pandey


    Anamika Khanna

  • Anoushka Srivastava - Amazon India

    Anoushka Srivastava

    e-Commerce Merchandiser

    Amazon India

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