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Session on ‘Bridging Creativity and Business Success’ under ETIC programme held at FDDI, Kolkata campus

With the objective to bridge the gap between creative ideas and the corporate world, a session on ‘Bridging Creativity and Business Success’ was held at FDDI, Kolkata campus on 27th September 2023.

The session was organized by the Times Group under ‘Economic Times in Campus’ (ETIC) programme which provided a lively platform tailored for budding entrepreneurs and design school students.

It served as a valuable resource for those interested in staying updated with current business trends. It nurtured talent, allowing future business leaders to showcase their innovative ideas.


The key takeaways from the session were understanding one’s role, knowing core marketing concepts to help communicate better in business settings, systematic way to handle the chaos that often comes with the creative process.

This event represented a significant step in preparing the next generation of business creators for success in the corporate world.