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Faculty of FDDI Fursatganj invited as ‘Guest Speaker’ during ‘Entrepreneurship Conclave’ at Lucknow University

Mr. Varun Gupta, Jr. Consultant and Center In-Charge, FDDI Fursatgaj Campus was invited as a guest speaker during the Entrepreneurship Conclave which was held to foster innovation, collaboration and the spirit of Entrepreneurship and self-employment.

The one-week ‘Entrepreneurship Conclave’ was organized by Institute of Management Science, University of Lucknow from 21st August to 25th August 2023.


Mr. Varun Gupta, during a workshop, made a presentation on the topic of “MSME Sector: Marching towards Self- reliance” on 24th August 2023. The workshop contributed in the entrepreneurial and start-up business opportunities for youth.

He shared an important information on the topic and briefed the procedure for starting a new business. He advised the students to educate themselves to understand the policy and support given by the Government in establishing a startup and becoming an Entrepreneur.