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Exhibition of ‘Khadi & Creative Products’ held at FDDI, Chandigarh (Banur) campus

An exhibition of vibrant and culturally enriching ‘Khadi & Creative Products’ which unveiled the essence of tradition and innovation was held at Chandigarh (Banur) campus on 07th November 2023. The event was open for local community.

Creative products designed & developed by students of FDDI, Banur campus including clothing, accessories, home decor and more showcased the rich heritage and contemporary adaptations of Khadi, the fabric of India. The students of S.D. College and ITI, Banur also participated in the event and showcased the products developed by them.


Visitors to the exhibition were captivated by the diverse range of Khadi products on display. The enthusiasm was not limited to customers alone; officials from nearby departments also visited the stall with keen interest, gaining insights into the intricate craftsmanship and the sustainable practices behind creative and Khadi products.