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FDDI’s ‘Award Distribution Ceremony’ held

In a spectacular event that radiated enthusiasm & achievement, FDDI Noida held the ‘Award Distribution Ceremony’ on 24th November 2023 for the outstanding accomplishments of its students & employees during the four events held in the recent past.


The awardee had given expression to their interest and showcased their immense talents in non-academic fields. The recognition extended to diverse areas, showcasing the Institute’s commitment to fostering talent beyond academics.

The awards, trophies and certificates were conferred to deserving students & employees by Mr. Pankaj Kumar Sinha, Managing Director (MD), FDDI, acknowledging their remarkable contributions.

Motivating the students & employees, Mr. Pankaj Kumar Sinha, MD, FDDI in his ‘Keynote Address’ said, “Whatever you have achieved so far would never have been possible without your constant endeavor. I extend my good wished to achieve brilliance in your respective career and in other spheres too.


Prizes were also distributed by various HoS and HoD to the winners. The recipients, adorned with pride, displayed a mix of joy and gratitude, creating an aura of motivation that will undoubtedly resonate in the days to come.”

The ceremony not only rewarded past achievements, but also kindled a spirit of ambition and aspiration among the students & employees. The joyous occasion served as a catalyst for future participation, promising a continued legacy of excellence in competitions and events.