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Workshop on ‘Fashion Styling & Make-Up’ held at FDDI, Kolkata campus

A workshop on ‘Fashion Styling & Make-Up’ was held at the Footwear Design & Development Institute (FDDI), Kolkata campus from 31st March to 26th April 2022.


Three highly experienced professional trainers namely, Ms. Rashida Sultana, owner of a beauty parlor, Ms. Emily Ghosh Chattopadhyay, Tollywood makeup artist, and Ms. Mousumi Das, makeup educator conducted the workshop.


The workshop was organized for the students and faculty of FDDI School of Fashion Design (FSFD) with an objective to provide technical inputs and to help them to inculcate appropriate fashion and makeup sense to excel in the professional world and work as a fashion stylists.


During the workshop, the participants went through a detailed process of how to plan a certain look with the help of various research and exploration techniques as per the client’s requirement.

The workshop equipped the participants with the essential skills of beauty makeup application & technique which will help them to start their careers as a freelancer or join a makeup artist in any premium salon or media house.

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