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FDDI, Hyderabad students visit HCU

For practical exposure to print making through lithography, etching and collography, the students of School of Fashion Design (FD – 2021 batch) of FDDI Hyderabad campus visited the Department of Fine Arts (DFA) at Hyderabad Central University (HCU) on 21st April, 2023.

Under the guidance of Mr. K Harish Kumar and Dr. Anupriya Singh, Junior Faculties of FD of FDDI Hyderabad campus, the students visited the DFA, HCU and got practical exposure for the Fabric Artistry and Enrichment Techniques course.

During the visit, Dr. Keertana Thangavelu, Head of Department briefed about the importance of practical exposure in the field of art and encouraged the students to take advantage of such opportunities.

Mr. Suneel Mamadapur, Associate Professor, DFA provided overview of the printmaking process, including lithography, etching, and collography. He explained the differences between the techniques and how each one is used to create unique prints.


The students also saw the Printmaking studio, Painting studio and Sculpture studio and were familiarized with the different printmaking processes in action. They were able to see the lithography press in operation and observe the etching process as well. The students also had the opportunity to see the collography process, which involves creating a collage and using it to make a print. Students then printed their own samples.

Overall, the visit was a great success and the students were able to gain valuable practical experience in the field of printmaking.