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Guest lecture on ‘Importance of Components in Footwear Industry’ held at FDDI, Noida campus

With an objective to keep the students of FDDI aware with the importance of components in footwear industry, a guest lecture in this regard was held at FDDI, Noida campus on 5th January 2023.

The School of Footwear Design and Production (SFDP) had organized this guest lecture to keep the students updated with the technological advancement taking place in the footwear components which gives structure and strength to a footwear.

Mr. Vipan Kumar Seth, Industry Expert from M/s. Versatile Enterprises, was the eminent speaker who provided the necessary knowledge and skill inputs to the students about the practical application of the components and the relevance of understanding various parameters and utility of the components. Mr. S. K. Verma from Indian Footwear Components Manufacturers Association (IFCOMA) also joined the session.


Mr. Vipan briefed that knowing the details of components used in footwear is extremely important because it empowers us to estimate the cost and quality of the product correctly. Knowledge of raw materials and components used in industry including the available sources plays a very crucial role especially when it comes to manufacturing, procurement or sourcing business or any kind of jobs related to product development, merchandising or even retailing.

He informed that footwear component sector has immense potential as India export components to United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, United States, Portugal, and France.

He also motivated the students to become job provider rather being job seekers. Footwear sector has huge possibilities for the budding aspirants provided they have that enthusiasm and knowledge of several schemes run by the Government of India.

He encouraged the students to come up with start-ups and briefed them about the same.

Mr. Vipan also invited the students to plan & visit his factory which will help them to gain appropriate practical knowledge regarding the production and QC aspects.