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‘National Handloom Day’ celebrated at FDDI, Hyderabad, Chennai & Chhindwara campus

‘National Handloom Day’ (NHD) was celebrated at FDDI, Hyderabad, Chennai & Chhindwara campus on 7th August, 2023.

In 2015, the Government of India decided to designate the 7th August every year, as the ‘National Handloom Day’. The theme of NHD, this year is ‘Handlooms for Sustainable Fashion’ which emphasizes the significance of handloom weaving as an environmentally friendly procedure and sustainable substitute for machine-made fabrics.

In commemoration of NHD, FDDI Hyderabad campus hosted a spectacular fashion show-cum-class competition of ‘Indian Traditional Drapes’. Aligning with this year’s theme, a vibrant display of creativity and cultural heritage was organized by the School of Fashion Design (SFD) during which the students of the 2021 batch showcased a splendid collection of traditional drapes from across India, adorned in exquisite ‘Handloom Sarees’ & ‘Dhotis’.


A distinguished panel of judges evaluated the students' creativity, craftsmanship, and presentation. The event not only celebrated the rich legacy of handloom weaving in India but, also highlighted the immense potential of the young fashion aspirants.

On the occasion of NHD, FDDI Chennai campus organized an interactive session of FDDI students with Handloom Saree Artisan, Mrs. Sugnadi from Kancheepuram who briefed them about handloom weaving and developing sarees. Handloom saree were kept for display and sales.


Apart from this, various competitions were also organized for students such as Poster Design with the theme of HND, Saree Draping & Styling and Charkha Making.


In commemoration of NHD, FDDI Chhindwara campus invited two distinguished personalities at its campus, namely Mr. Rohit Rusia Co-Founder, ASHA (Aid & Survival of Handicraft Artisans) & Bhartiya Shilp, Chhindwara, Madhya Pradesh (MP) and Mr. Rajiv Shrivastava, Director, NSDC International Skills Center, Chhindwara, MP, luminaries known for their contributions to the fields of art, literature, and skill development.

They assessed the presentations delivered by students, each showcasing diverse regional handloom styles. During the mesmerizing ethnic fashion show, the students elegantly showcased the synthesis of tradition and modernity, displaying the time-honored craft of handlooms seamlessly blending with contemporary designs. It was a tribute to the artisans who have preserved the magic of handwoven fabrics over centuries.


NHD celebrations was a harmonious blend of heritage and innovation, showcasing the future of Indian fashion.