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‘National Mega Talent Hunt’ workshop held at FDDI, Chhindwara campus

A five days’ workshop on the theme ‘National Mega Talent Hunt’ was conducted from 03rd to 07th April 2023 at FDDI Chhindwara campus.


During the five days event, around 400 students of schools and colleges from nearby areas of Chhinwara participated enthusiastically.


The 400 participants were demonstrated about the nuances of the fashion world, such as how to create better styling with makeup as per theme chosen by the fashion garments, fashion photography technique, fabric selection according to the season, how to move gracefully on the ramp and about the current fashion trends by the students of School of Fashion Design (FD) of FDDI.

The ‘National Mega Talent Hunt’ workshop helped the students of FDDI to develop event organizing skill, and also to promote, highlight, positioning and showcasing the creative work among the invited audience.