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Footwear Innovation takes center stage: Eleven Research Papers from FDDI Chhindwara presented and published at International Conference - ICSETI 2023’

Making FDDI proud, the faculty and students research group from the School of Footwear Design & Production (FDP) of FDDI Chhindwara participated, presented eleven ground breaking research papers at the International Conference on Science, Engineering and Technology Innovations (ICSETI) 2023 which was conducted through Hybrid Mode from 25th – 26th November 2023.

They showcased their prowess in the field of Design Thinking, Footwear Design, Sustainable Development, Technological Innovations presenting a diverse array of research papers that got published at ICSETI 2023. The conference was a premier platform for global academia, provided an ideal stage for FDDI to contribute the discourse on cutting-edge advancements in the footwear industry.

Research Titled “Augmented Reality (AR) & Virtual Reality (VR) Application in Footwear Retail & Design” presented by Mr. Prashant Kumar Saxena, Faculty Footwear Design & Production and final year student of B.Design FDP as co-author Ms. Somya Borkar received the “Best Research Presentation Award” of ICSETI 2023 Conference.


Mr. Prashant Kumar Saxena, Faculty, FDP had participated & presented nine research papers along with seven final year students as co-author of footwear & fashion batches. In continuation, Dr. Pankaj Dubey, Faculty FDP participated with two more research papers along with two students as co-authors from third semester footwear batches.”


The eleven research papers covered a spectrum of topics, ranging from sustainable materials in footwear to innovations in diabetic footwear design etc. The faculty and student researchers delved into crucial aspects of the industry, presenting insights that promise to shape the future of innovative technologies in footwear and product designing.”


The success of FDDI Chhindwara's research group underscores the collaborative spirit that thrives within the institute. The faculty's expertise and the students' fresh perspectives converged to create a synergy that resulted in impactful research contributions.