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Online workshop on ‘Retail KPI and NPS Parameter’ held at FDDI, Chhindwara campus

On 16th March 2023, an online workshop on ‘Retail KPI and NPS Parameter’ was organized by FDDI, Chhindwara campus.

Mr. Abuthahir. A, Concept Manager, Home Centre, Landmark Group, Chennai was the resource person of the workshop having experience of around 20 years.

Mr. Abutahir explained about his working experience in Landmark Group. He explained about KPI & NPS like ABS (Average Basket Size), ATS (Average Ticket Size), Conversion Rate, Footfall, Shrinkage and many more terminologies to measure the organizational goals in order to ensure they achieve the desired results.


He elaborated that it is extremely essential to be cautious while running a retail business and its day-to-day operations as it’s easy to lose sight of strategic goals and their progress.

The online workshop which was organized by the School of Retail and Fashion Merchandise (RFM) was attended by 60 students and staff members. There was also an open session during which the doubts of the students were cleared.