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E-workshop ‘Sneaker Design 2021 – 24 Hrs. Challenge’ organized at FDDI, NOIDA

A two days’ design innovation e-workshop ‘Sneaker Design 2021 – 24 Hrs. Challenge’ was organized at Footwear Design & Development Institute (FDDI), NOIDA campus from 23rd to 24th November 2021.

FDDI School of Footwear Design & Production (FSFDP) organized the e-workshop with an aim to nurture the final year design students personal design vision on ‘Sneaker’ while teaching them the skills they need to create marketable products that consumers crave.

Mr. Vidit Singh who pursued Footwear & Apparel Innovation Design at Pensole Footwear Design Academy based in Portland, Oregon, USA and is currently a Product Design student at College for Creative Studies, Detroit, Michigan, USA, conducted the workshop.


During the various sessions, the budding designers were exposed to different approaches, design process, footwear market, genre of footwear, workflow of working with clients/brands and ultimately what it takes to be a professional.

In conclusively, under the competition, the final year design students had to design a sneaker based on Yeezy- Lifestyle Moon Runner 2030 theme or Adidas-Future of Adaptive Running 2030 theme within 24 hours.

Through this challenge, students were expected to perceive these topics on their own, think out of the box, and create a digitally made design. The most exciting part of this challenge was completing on time. It was a competition designed with a purpose of testing students on how they can present their designs in a specified time period.

Their submissions were reviewed by industry mentors namely, Omar Bailey – Director of Sample Room, Adidas, USA, Tibi Lovu -Senior Manager, Maker Lab, Adidas, USA, Christian de Guzman - Material Developer, Adidas, USA and academic mentor, Mrs. Rashmi Tomar - Sr. Faculty, FSFDP, Noida.


Mr. Varkey Uthup, student of B. Des. 2018-2022 batch was the winner of ‘Sneaker Design 2021 – 24 Hrs. Challenge’ who designed a sneaker based on Yeezy- Lifestyle Moon Runner 2030 theme.

The e-workshop was successful to introduce the students to the world of sneaker culture, development and how sneaker designers use their advanced knowledge of materials, fashion trends and styles to develop, create and design sneakers for different product lines.

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