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Adding another feather in FDDI’s cap, its student of Chennai campus presented his research paper at 21st UITIC Congress - Milano, Italy

Mr. Hrishikesh Ranjith, a student of FDDI, Chennai campus of 2019 - 2023 batch of School of Footwear Design and Production (FDP) presented his groundbreaking research paper titled "Novel Running Shoe Design for Persons with Plantar Fasciitis" at the prestigious 21st UITIC Congress held in the vibrant city of Milano, Italy from 20th to 22nd September 2023.

The 21st edition of UITIC featured a new addition i.e., the Innovation Showcase, a space where research centres, institutions and companies from China, France, Germany, India, Italy, Mexico, Portugal, Romania and Spain presented their work to showcase “the capability of the research and innovation network that supports the footwear world in its digital and sustainable transition”.


Leveraging the benefit of digital communication, Mr. Hrishikesh Ranjith submitted the abstracts which was accepted.

The commitment of Mr. Hrishikesh Ranjith to innovation & excellence in this field has led him to embark on a remarkable journey to address one of the most common yet challenging foot conditions, Plantar Fasciitis under the guidance of Dr. Priyadharshini, Senior Faculty and Head of Center of Excellence (CoE), Chennai.

Mr. Hrishikesh’s research delves deep into the biomechanical aspects of Plantar Fasciitis, and he has developed a novel running shoe design aimed at providing substantial relief to those suffering from this condition. His research not only focuses on the comfort and support aspects of the shoe but also emphasizes the importance of style and aesthetics, ensuring that individuals with Plantar Fasciitis can confidently embrace an active lifestyle.

His presentation at the UITIC Congress in Milano is not only an opportunity for him, but, also a moment of pride for FDDI and the entire footwear community.