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‘फुटवियर टेक्नोलोजी का क ख ग’- a book jointly authored by Faculty of FDDI, Fursatganj campus gets published

A book titled, ‘फुटवियर टेक्नोलोजी का क ख ग’ jointly authored by Mr. Varun Gupta, Jr. Consultant- Footwear Technology (FT) and Center Incharge, FDDI Fursatganj and by Mr. A. V. Suresh, Senior Technical Consultant, Romans CAD (Strategies, France) –Pune has been published by Notion Press Publisher in September 2023.

The book brings practical knowledge along with theoretical aspects with the comprehensive approach in Hindi language. The USP of this book is that, it provides very minute to minute exposure of Footwear Industry through illustrations. The book is documented with chapters, segmented as Introduction, Foot &Last, Leather& Fabrics, Nesting, Grinderies, Tools, Machines and Process of Footwear Manufacturing. These chapters are further divided in 30 units.

The contents of this book are also beneficial for faculties, technicians, supervisors, and managers of Footwear industry across the world. Thorough study will help the readers to get solutions to day to day production situations. The book will be helpful for the aspirant candidates willing to face competitive exams and interview related in Corporates, Government organizations and PSU’s.


The book having ISBN: 9798891331150 is available on Amazon, Flipkart and Notion Press website.