Certificate Program in Footwear Upper Assembly Operator

Certificate Program in Footwear Upper Assembly Operator

The Prime objective of this program is to equip the learners with the identified knowledge and skills required as stitching operators in the field of the upper assembly department. Learners are therefore expected to attain the basic skill of upper closing and assembly of the uppers. The second element of the proposed course curriculum is the continuous assessment process throughout the training program. After cutting the components in the cutting department they come for stitching in the upper assembly department. In this department, components are stitched with the help of various types of main stitching machines and ancillary machines like flat-bed single & double needle machine, post bed single & double needle machine, zigzag machine, skiving machine, thermo-folding machine etc. So the main objective of this program is to train learners on these machines and have to understand the technical aspects of making an upper with the help of different types of needles and threads.

The Objective of the training program in footwear is to develop the capacities of learners to understand technical aspects of upper closing. The candidate will have basic knowledge about the Closing department and operations. The skillset requirement covering relevant knowledge components are addressed in the course curriculum. The curriculum has been designed on the principle of KSA (Knowledge – Skill- Attitude) based learning emphasizing the mastering of the skills & knowledge through the self-assessment process.


Certificate Program in Footwear Upper Assembly Operator

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must not be below 18 years.


1 Month

No. of Seats



18,000/- + GST. Fees may vary from campus to campus. (FDDI is offering special fees for multiple Operator’s training programme. Please contact campus for details)


Full time regular classes 5 days in a week at any campus of FDDI. Refer FDDI website for complete address.

Medium of Instructions

The medium of instruction of this program shall be bilingual in English / Hindi.

Admission Procedure

Admission will be on the basis of interview and availability of seats on first come first serve basis.


Institute will assist in placement.

Contact Person

Center In-charge & HoD footwear of the FDDI campuses. (Contact Details)

Transportation Facility

On payment basis subject to the availability.


Hostel facility may be provided on availability and charged separately.

In House Facility

Library, access to related machines & equipment in workshops and use of Hardware & Software in IT lab during the period of training.


Ability to read & write.

Physical Fitness

Mentally & physically fit to meet industrial requirement.

Target Audience:

Any citizen of India who meets the eligibility requirements and capable of participating in the learning activities is entitled to take part in the programs.

Career Opportunity:

This course has been designed & prepared by the Footwear Design & Development Institute for helping the Indian footwear Industry in the training of the footwear manufacturing personnel who wish to upgrade their knowledge and want to start their career in the area of upper assembly with the focus on footwear technology.

Mode of Delivery:

The training program is a full-time formal program on supervisory level technical skills. The mode of delivery is a demonstration, lecture, lab practices & through discussion with requisite technical knowledge. The time spent by the learners in the industry will give them enough exposure to the actual world of work and enable them to get hands-on experience.

These modalities will be utilized before the learners are exposed to the industry environment.

The mode of delivery may be as below:

1. Class room Lecture
2. Work shop lecture
3. Demonstration
4. Work shop practical

Self-learning tools:

1. Projects
2. Assignments
3. Problem Solving

Attendance Policy:

1. Student shall maintain minimum 80 per cent attendance.
2. Not more than 3 written warnings / adverse entry by the academic council for the indiscipline.

Evaluation Criteria:

Continuous Assessment: 80%

Assessment Type                                                  Marks Weightage Total Weighted Marks
Practical 60 80
Viva 20

Final Assessment: 20%

Assessment Type                                                  Marks Weightage Total Weighted Marks
Project/Assignment 40 20

Course outline of Program:

Sr. No.                                                       Title of Course Hours
1. Single Needle Flat Bed Sewing machine 35
2. Single Needle Post Bed Sewing machine 20
3. Twin Needle Post Bed Sewing machine 15
4. Zig-Zag stitching machine 10
5. Skiving machine 25
6. Hand Folding 8
7. Machine Folding 9
8. Eyeleting machine 5
9. Seam pressing and taping 5
10. Toe Puff Press 5
11. Upper Assembling (Men’s) 20


To be eligible for award of final certificate, the candidate is required to meet the following conditions:

1. After successful completion of all the modules & subjects defined under curriculum of this course where theory & practical shall be cleared separately.
2. Final Certificate will be awarded on submission of NOC duly signed by the Library, Computer Centre, All concerned labs, Training Department, Hostel and Accounts Office.
3. Certificate will be prepared by head office Noida Training Department and signed by the Center In-Charge & HoD Footwear of the respective campuses.

* All costs related to industrial visit to be borne by the students.
* The institute reserves the right to cancel/postpone/amend the course schedule/ and contents without prior notice.
* Please contact the campus regarding Fees, Transport facility and Hostel Accommodation.