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FDDI - under its visionary approach, undertakes prevention measures in combating COVID-19 pandemic

Footwear Design and Development Institute (FDDI) is trying its level best in contributing its collective fight against COVID-19 amidst the outbreak and has taken prevention measure under its visionary approach.

Keeping in view of the instructions issued by the respective State Government/Authorities and to restrict the spread of COVID-19, a method/system of working in all the FDDI campuses located at Noida, Fursatganj, Chennai, Kolkata, Rohtak, Chhindwara, Guna, Jodhpur, Ankleshwar, Banur, Patna and Hyderabad was introduced which implements the work from home and attending of office by rotation/requirement basis.

It is mandatory to wear medical mask by all the staff, students, visitors, security guards and housekeeping persons at all times within the campus.

For prevention & disinfection, sanitization, pest control, smoke spray is carried out regularly at all the campuses including staff quarter, IT Labs, classrooms, lifts etc. Besides sweeping and mopping of floors, cleaning of the hand rails of the stairs cases, green areas, basement area, security guard cabin and any other source of infection identified by the respective Centre-In-Charge are also done as prevention measures.


Considering human resource as its biggest asset, FDDI is closely monitoring the well-being of its staff and their family members. It is maintaining a record of the number of staff & their family members who have been affected due to COVID-19 pandemic and to overcome the current crisis, FDDI has converted its staff quarters at their respective campuses into isolation wards for the well-being.


Combating COVID-19, under prevention measure, thermal scanning of staff & visitors with proper sanitization at the main entrance is carried out at all the campuses.

Under current conditions, the stalwarts of the leather, fashion, footwear and retail industry are interacting with students through webinars and e-workshops that shed light to boost-up skill so that the students do not feel deprived & they can also be well- occupied within the safe confines of their homes, thus preparing skilled manpower for the post COVID – 19 era.


Webinar on ‘Building Scale and Capacities in India to Achieve Economies of Scale and Enhance Global Competitiveness in the Footwear Sector’, e-workshops, ‘The Pink Smokey Eyes’ & ‘3D Modeling –Bringing Ideas Into Reality’ have been conducted.

FDDI is also planning to set-up vaccination facilities at all of its campuses to carry out special vaccination drive for its staff and family members in line to the Hon’ble Prime Minister’s initiative ‘Tika Utsav’.