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Graduation Fashion Show of FDDI, Chhindwara and FDDI, Hyderabad campus held

Graduation Fashion Show of FDDI, Chhindwara and FDDI, Hyderabad campus was held on 06th May 2023 in the campus premises.


It was a spectacular event that showcased the impressive skillset and design perspectives of the graduating students of the B.Des. Fashion Design program of batch 2019-23 from staging, models and designs reflecting their passion for fashion & sustainability.


The event was attended by prominent fashion designers, industry professionals, and media personnel, and proud family members of the graduating students who were all impressed by the creativity and originality of the designs.

Each design was carefully crafted and executed with precision, showcasing the students' talent and creativity. The collection was a beautiful blend of traditional and modern designs, with intricate embroidery, bold prints, and stunning silhouettes.

The creativity and craftsmanship of the students were commendable, as they utilized a variety of fabrics, colors, and textures to bring their designs to life. The audience was mesmerized by the intricate details, innovative designs, and flawless execution of each outfit.


Both the event, at its respective campus, received overwhelming praise from everyone present, including industry professionals, academicians, and parents of the graduating class, media persons, students, and employees of the Institute.

The graduation show was also live-streamed on the official Facebook channel, allowing a wider audience to appreciate the incredible work of the graduating batch.