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FDDI, Hyderabad and AIIMS, Hyderabad signs MoU to Redefine Healthcare Footwear

In a landmark partnership that bridges the worlds of healthcare and fashion, the FDDI, Hyderabad and the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), Hyderabad signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on October 13, 2023 at the AIIMS Hyderabad campus.


On behalf of FDDI, Dr. Narasimhugari Tej Lohit Reddy, IAS, Executive Director (ED), FDDI Hyderabad signed the MoU, whereas, on behalf of AIIMS, Hyderabad, Prof. (Dr.) Vikas Bhatia, ED, signed the MoU during which the senior officers from both the sides were present.


The signing ceremony was a moment of promise, as two diverse domains, healthcare and fashion, came together to create a symbiotic relationship with the potential to reshape the healthcare industry and to ensure teaching and research of highest medical standard. FDDI's unparalleled expertise in footwear design will complement AIIMS Hyderabad's commitment to excellence in healthcare, fostering the development of specialized, comfortable, and ergonomic footwear for healthcare professionals.

Sharing the details, Dr. Narasimhugari Tej Lohit Reddy, IAS, ED- FDDI, Hyderabad campus said, “This partnership is not only a unique synergy between two diverse fields but also, a step toward innovation. Our joint efforts will revolutionize the way we approach medical footwear, benefitting both healthcare professionals and patients."

AIIMS Hyderabad, renowned for its healthcare prowess, will provide FDDI with invaluable insights into the world of medicine and patient needs. The collaboration aims to enhance the design and functionality of medical footwear, ensuring that they not only meet professional standards but also contribute to the well-being of patients and healthcare workers.

Prof. (Dr.) Vikas Bhatia, ED, AIIMS Hyderabad, said, "This collaboration is an opportunity to create a bridge between academia and industry. It will open up new avenues for research and education, fostering innovation and improvement in healthcare products."