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Research paper presented by faculty of FDDI, Noida during ICTN 2023 held at IIT, Delhi

Dr. Krishi Sarin, Chief faculty at FDDI, Noida presented a research paper during 7th International Conference on Technical Textiles and Nonwovens (ICTN – 2023) "Sustainable Technologies and Entrepreneurship: Pioneering the Future of Technical Textiles" hosted by IIT Delhi and held at IIT Delhi from 12th -14th December 2023.

MICTN 2023 aimed at bringing leading entrepreneurs, researchers, academicians, and experts from all over the world to share and present recent technological advancements and exchange ideas. The conference provided a platform for the exchange of research work, papers, and design applications, focusing on identifying different sustainable design. Themes and subthemes covered a wide array of domains related to sustainability in design, technology, management, and allied areas.

During the ICTN 2023, Dr. Krishi Sarin, Chief Faculty, School of Fashion Design (FD) presented the research paper titled ‘Acrylic Colours: A sustainable alternative for direct dyes, which was well received by the participants and the novelty of the concept was appreciated by the delegates present. The novelty of the concept was appreciated by the delegates present, The ICTN organization committee greatly appreciated the submission as well.


The aim of the paper was to establish that Acrylic colours have a potential substitute to direct dyes, making it an environment-friendly and sustainable approach to the colouration of cotton fabric as it can be done very easily at home as well.