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Solexpo'23 held at FDDI, Noida campus

Solexpo’23, a footwear exhibition showcasing innovative and creative footwear designs created by the Graduating batch B.Des Design (2019-2023), was held at FDDI, Noida campus on 24th May 2023. Solexpo’23 had four main exhibits namely, Indian culture exploration, Material & technique exploration, Colour and shade-based exploration and Modern, futuristic, and novel silhouette exploration.

The event's overall theme centered around exploration, experimentation, and experiencing new things, with a focus on engaging all the senses of the visitors, from touch to eyesight.


The budding designers incorporated a range of upcoming new technologies and techniques in their designs, such as screen-printing, material manipulations, silhouette design, and upcycling, to create truly unique and cutting-edge footwear designs. They experimented with traditional materials such as jute, khadi, and leather to create distinctive and modern footwear designs.

External Jury members namely, Mr. Fani Bhushan, Inventor & physical planner of traffic interchanges and bridges & TEDx speaker, having 17 years of experience in the industry and Ms. Meenal Sharma, a distinguished footwear designer who runs her own footwear brand by the name ‘The Aglet Story’, assessed the work done by the students.