Tenders @ FDDI

Ref. No. FDDI/HYD/12(1)/Admin/tender/2022-23/1
Dated: 19-07-2022

Tender for providing cafeteria services at FDDI Hyderabad

The tender invite in two bid system from Indian firms/Agencies/Govt. Licensed firms for providing Cafeteria services for students & staffs at Footwear Design and Development Institute, Hyderabad campus.

Mandatory requirements in technical bid: FSSAI certificate, GST certificate, certificate of incorporation firm, other necessary statuary certificate for cafeteria service, 03 year turnover & minimum 03 year experience in hospitality industry. Priority will give to experience in educational institute.

The criteria of selection in financial bid: Space maintenance charge (40%), menu items prices (60%).

Interested parties have to arrange all the required staff, equipments, crockery, Cutlery, utensil, Table & Chairs on their own cost for minimum 80-100 seating capacity. Terms & conditions as applicable.

The Tender document can also be downloaded from our website. Interest firm should submit all relevant necessary documents latest by 15:00 Hrs on 22/08/2022 in two packed (Technical & Financial) envelop with name of for Cafeteria service. The sealed tender should be submitted in the prescribed format (attached) only and filed in the Tender Box available in the FDDI, Hyderabad. It will be opened on the 22/08/2022 at 16:00 Hrs.

For any query please contact:

Mess Committee
Footwear Design & Development Institute
Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Govt. of India
Sy. No. 6 to 38, Lidcap-Nilex Campus
H.S. Dargah, Raidurgam, Gachibowli Road, Hyderabad-500104
Email: kschouhan@fddiindia.com
Mobile No.: 8696805680