Tenders @ FDDI

Ref. No. FDDI/WP/NOIDA/MAINT/20-21/01

Dated: 23-06-2021


This notice is for inviting offers for water proofing works in FDDI, A-10/A , Sector - 24 Noida. The water proofing works shall be carried out in three buildings namely, Auditorium , Panel room, Retail-1 and Retail-2 and 6 drains cavities alongside. The detail format for quotation is attached for reference. The complete quotation has to be submitted in physically in the office of the undersigned on or before 30.6.2021 at 3 PM. It will be opened on same day at 3.30 PM.

Terms and conditions:

1. Water proofing shall carry a warranty for 3 years from the date of completion of job and Party has to give warranty on its letter head.
2. 5% of the total billed amount will be kept as security for 3 years from the date of submission of final bill.
3. No interim bill will be paid and the total amount ( after statuary deductions) shall be made within 15 -20 days after bill submission and measurements.
4. GST has to be mentioned separately.
5. Scaffolding/Hydra/equipment required shall be inclusive in price.
6. Labor hutment is not allowed in premises and contractor has to arrange at their own outside the premises.
7. Electricity and water will be provided by FDDI at single point.
8. Time of completion is 30 days from the date of award of work.
9. Any extra items if executed shall be paid after rate analysis/DSR.
10. Office d├ęcor has to maintained during work.
11. Quotation has to be on Letter head with covering note.

For any query please contact:

SE (Projects)
Footwear Design & Development Institute
Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Govt. of India
A-10/A, Sector - 24, Noida
Email: rajeshverma@fddiindia.com
Landline: 0120-4500105

Signature and stamp of party as acceptance.