Professional Networking among Alumni of 5 Institutes

Professional Networking among Alumni of 5 Institutes (FDDI, IIFT, IIP, NID & NIFT)

Embarking on an unprecedented journey, we proudly present an innovative endeavor that knits together the legacies of five esteemed institutes - FDDI, IIFT, IIP, NID, and NIFT. Anchored under the aegis of the Ministry of Textiles and Commerce & Industry, this initiative heralds a convergence that transcends boundaries and nurtures professional networking.

Bridging the Gap, Building the Future


Date : 24th November 2023 , Friday

Time : 5:00 p.m. Onwards

Venue : @FDDI Kolkata Campus

Let's come together to celebrate our shared journey, rekindle old bonds, and pave the way for a brighter tomorrow through collaborative efforts.

Last date of registration is 20 November 2023.

Please click on the link below or Scan the QR code given above to register yourself and be a part of the Global Professional Networking Platform.

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NID - 9825612592- Prof. Sekhar Mukherjee,NIFT- 9845422340 - Dr. Jonalee D. Bajpai,IIFT- 9810131013 - Prof. -Dr. Niti Chatnani, IIP - 8240248723 - Prof. Bidhan Das,FDDI- 9416996393- Dr. Mrinal Kanti Datta

For further communications send mail at, if required: (NIFT - or (NID - or (IIP - or ( FDDI - or ( IIFT -