FDDI, Rohtak is hosting 3rdConvocation Ceremony on Tuesday 12thApril 2022 at FDDI, Rohtak.

Convocation at Rohtak Campus

We feel pleased to inform you that FDDI , Rohtak is hosting convocation ceremony on12th April 2022 at FDDI, Plot No.1, Sector- 31 B , IMT, Rohtak for all their batches from 2017-2021. The ceremony would be for the alumni‚Äôs who have successfully completed their academic programmes, strict adherence of the rule ®ulations as per the sequence of events have to be followed. Schedule for the same is mentioned below.

Sequence of Events for the convocation ceremony
9: 00 AM - 10:45 AM Registration of students & Robe Dispersal
11:45 AM to 12:00 PM Seating of students in convocation Hall
12:00 PM to 12:10 PM Arrival of Chief Guest, Management
12:10 PM to 12:15 PM Lighting of Lamp
12:15 PM to 12:20 PM Welcome Address by the MD sir
12:20 PM to 12:25 PM Address by Chief Guest
12:25 PM to 12:30 PM Declaration of Opening of convocation ceremony
12:30 PM to 12:35 PM Oath Taking Ceremony
12:35 PM to 12:50 PM Degree Dispersal Batch Wise
12:50 PM to 12:55 PM Vote of Thanks by MD sir/ Centre Incharge
12:55 PM to 01:00 PM Closing Declaration
01: 00 PM - 01:30 PM Proceed for Lunch
01: 30 PM - 01:40 PM Photography/ Returning of the Robes

Alumni, who fail to register by the stipulated time, will not be allowed to attend the convocation ceremony.

The concerned students are required to fill Convocation Registration Form

Registration Form Link : Click Here

Instructions & Guidelines - Convocation 2022: -

DRESS: Formal Dress will be worn for the function as indicated below:


  • a) Gents: Lounge Suit/ Combination with a tie, Formal Shoes and Socks
  • b) Ladies: Saree/ Suit/Western (Trousers/Blazer)


Registrationis open only from 9: 00 AM - 10:45 AM. You have to register/ report at the counter in admin building, marked for your respective batch & year. After registration please collect the below mentioned from the registration counter:

  • a) Token Number
  • b) Registration Slip


You will be issued the Rob & cap on presentation of the registration slip & token number at the specified room mentioned on registration slip. They will be issued only after a security + rent fee of Rs.100/- is submitted. You would get back Rs. 1000/- once you will return back your robes & caps and that has to be done after the convocation on the same day. The robes have to be worn throughout the event. Please retain the rob return slip till the end of the convocation & deposit it at the specified room along with the complete Robe set. The money not be refunded back if any of the items is missing from the Robe-set.


You are requested to be seated in the convocation hall latest by 11:45 AM . Once seated, there will be no unnecessary movements in the convocation hall and perfect discipline will be maintained. You will only be allowed to leave the convocation hall after the event is over. The individual degree can be collected from the specific rooms as informed during registration process after the ceremony is over.


There would be a group photograph for the complete batch in the convocation hall. Individual photographs could be taken by students themselves only. The institute will not be liable for any photographic services but will only provide platform for it.


All invites are requested to follow the concept of self- management & obey the instructions of the event coordinators.